Three examples of GET projects

​A lot of exciting projects have already been done. To give you a better idea about what exactly has been done or what expects you as a participant, three successful projects are summarized below.

Innovus - Development of a Smartphone Based Ophthalmoscope for Telemedicine
Commercialization of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) at the Lower Madeira River
Pre-market entry studies in India and Brazil​

South Africa’s vastly overburdened public healthcare system calls for innovative medical devices that can assist in the capture and transfer of medically relevant patient data.​


The Project team invented a Prototype consisting of an ophthalmoscope connected to a smartphone that serves as a solution for the remote diagnosis and treatment follow-up for chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

A smartphone and a web application were implemented to collect patient data and the retinal images and to store them on a local database, as well as on an international server. It allows doctors to log in to the system in order to remotely examine patients.

Many people in Brazil are still living in small villages on a low living standard. Aim is to improve their situation while helping them to reduce dependency to fishing and agriculture. Therefore mini-factories were designed to manufacture goods locally and sell them on local or national marketplaces.

A market research identified acai, brazilian nut, copaiba oil and handcraft as the most promising products for commercial selling produced by locals.
In correspondence to these products brazilian entrepreuners were found, a producers network organized and a step by step guideline for the communities developed. Finally workshops were held in the local communities to ensure all gathered information was shared with the entrepreneurs.

SAGEM Communications, a market leader for printing terminals in Europe, wanted to enlarge their business and enter new markets. So the project’s goal was to identify promising new markets, analyze them and give advice on whether to launch printing products there or not.

Because of their size and fast economic growth, India and Brazil were chosen as the countries to be analyzed. A detailed market analysis was done for both countries, including a competitor analysis, the form of distribution (OEM or Distribution Partners), a mapping of distribution channels and costs, as well as the legal barriers and therefrom a conclusion was drawn to help SAGEM decide.

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