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The GET Program

A multidisciplinary intercultural team of four students works on a project formulated by an industrial partner. Each team is supervised by an experienced advisor and supported by internationally recognized university professors.

Standard university courses rarely provide the competencies required for global team work. In today’s world, engineers are not only required to have state-of-the-art technical knowledge, but also to apply it in global teams. Engineers have to work with colleagues, suppliers, and clients from different cultural backgrounds, operate as part of a team, and master the challenges of virtual cooperation in industrial engineering tasks.

Companies rarely provide training programs for these skills. Therefore, engineers required to learn global team work to succeed in their career.  Without proper coaching, this can takes years of experience, making work inefficient. The GET course aims at providing students with these capacities while offering sponsors a qualitative solution to their problematics.


Projects in the following areas are possible:​

- Product development

- Process development​

- Experimental analysis

Important Dates


Application Deadline
September 1, 2017
Kick-Off Meeting
Berlin, Germany
September, 2017
Final Meeting
March, 2018

The Process

Kick Off Meeting

Get ready... Set... GO !

Each partner university selects its most outstanding students for GET. They meet face-to-face at the Kick-Off-Meeting where teams of students are composed.

Students plan the collaborative work and meet their supervisor. An exciting team buliding day closes the meeting.

Global Project Work

Supervised by experts

 Under the supervision of an expert researcher each team elaborates a solution for an industrial partner within 15 weeks.


Every four weeks the results of the teams are reviewed by an international board of professors. 

Final Meeting

Results presentation

The final meeting takes place at one of the participating universities. The teams assemble and present their protypes.

Confidentiality can be contractually guaranteed to the industry partners.The results of several GET projects have been patended.

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